Fluxx – 12 People

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Here goes another unfamous artist with a great talent. About Fluxx :
“This started a long time ago under a different sky, so wide and open you felt you could be swallowed by it, but it was a reluctant sky with an horizon fuelled by rejection and just alittle pollution. This started in a room so small and stacked, you couldn’t tell a microchip from a micro-fibre and there was no microphone. This started as a little bit of a time killer, but it turned into a number cruncher and an imagination murderer, because their were no pretty pictures to play with and no fancy GUI’s to manipulate and no flip round racks with fancy wire’s dangling and swinging off the back. It was just stream’s of data running by us on an impossibly low resolution screen hooked up to an Amiga Commodore that would never die. This started because we wanted to be something we only ever saw in the seemingly impossible dreams that other people, seemingly, like us used to live. They travelled, they toured, they wrote, they recorded, they produced, they were photographed, they rocked, they seemed to roll, they got drugged up, they smashed us down with their grunting and fizzing song’s and their massively mind blowing stage show’s and ultimately they looked so fucking cool that they seemed to be from another dimension and, we wanted to be just like them. This started because we were dreamers, this started because we knew no limits, this started because we knew no fear, this started because we had no skill just idea’s that had no boundaries, no horizon’s and ultimately we thought there was no end to what we could do and we still had no microphones. This started and ultimately lead to THIS. A world of microchips and data, a world of faking it, a world where nothing is real until it exists in places like THIS ONE. A place, where artists are no longer artists until they exist in technologically driven environments where nothing is, ironically, real. But in a new world of palm tops, lap tops and cell phones that double up as the keepers of everything you hold dear, this is where we need to live and breath, with no air and no nourishment and, ironically, without THIS we don’t survive. If I knew what we started would lead to this, I would’ve abandoned this idea before it grew into this technocratic cancer that I can no longer control, not because I want to control it but because it controls me more than I’m comfortable with, but I’m here and that is how it will have to be and until such time as I can kick this habit, I will be here for good, so pop on in whenever your life starts looking too real for you to deal with. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy listening to my music.”

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  1. dmoskva says:

    omg i love this 🙂

  2. dmoskva says:

    [..YouTube..] omg i love this 🙂

  3. dmoskva says:

    [..YouTube..] omg i love this 🙂

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