The new website is now open!

Hey everyone!

I’m so happy to announce the opening of our new “playground”. Honestly, I feel like there is still a ton of stuff to do, but some experienced counsellors advised me not to wait too long and that it wasn’t a big deal if EVERYTHING is still not 100% perfect.

The first thing you’ve probably noticed is a completely reworked visual look. The grey colour of the old website wasn’t really adding any “vividness” to our visual experience so I add to do something about it. Hours and hours of work behind everything you see. The website has been optimized for Firefox & Safari. I should fix a glitch in IE soon and I haven’t tested other web browser for now.

Now the serious thing is the social community. You are now able to create an user profile, invite your friends and a lot of other things that I’ll let yourself discover! Once you’re logged in, in the admin bar, under “My Account”, there’s a “Send Invite” tab. You can invite directly your friends from your address book (GMail, Hotmail, and more email providers supported). I have also created two very important groups : “Bug Report” and “Suggestions”. The title are obvious, so you know what to do in case you face one of those situations 😉

Like I said there is still a couple of bugs and glitch, but nothing too overwhelming. Most of them should be fixed during this month. I had to disable the social login/register feature (which will allow you to login/sign-up via Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, MySpace, etc.) because something went wrong with our script. We plan to fix the issue during this week.

For the goal of this month :

  • Fix all the glitches/bugs (include compatibility with all browsers)
  • Add social networks “login with…” and “register with…”
  • Improve the registration process (with dynamic fields and pending approval for artists, partners and venues)
  • Finish the transfer of all YouTube posts
  • Start the development of our digital sales management service
  • …and probably even more. (All of this while keeping to upload new songs… and I’m alone!)

I hope you are going to enjoy all the efforts I’ve put on this project, I can’t wait to hear your feedbacks 🙂

Your truly,
Bastien Bournet-Charrier
Founder of The BBC Music



  1. Alen Šimunic says:

    So far You made a pretty good job here! Keep it up we all support Ya!

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