The end of The BBC Music

Someone once told me all good things come to an end.

Well, I’m not sure I entirely agree with this. Human lives are defined by impermanence, but you can’t kill an idea, right?
So where are we going with this?

The BBC Music started in June 2011 when I decided to quit university. The idea behind was a dream I ferociously believed in, which is that free music is possible. I still believe in free music to this day and probably will for the rest of my life. There are tools all over the web that makes free music a viable and sustainable economic model for artists and professionals.

It was the first time I experienced the process of a business creation, the development of a business plan, studies of marketing strategies, establishment of an administration council, share holders negotiation, staff management and so much more completely new things to me! While developing The BBC Music I learned a lot of knowledge and thought processes that I make use of on a daily basis today.

Sadly or not this project didn’t really came through as expected. In fact, that was probably the best possible thing to happen, but it took me some time to realize that. For about two months, we were negotiating with the administration council on a $250,000, 3-years investment agreement and things went pretty nuts. Without going too much into details, we were proposed with a budget considerably lower than needed for our business plan. On top of that, the human relationship between shareholders was quite negatively impacted by the money at play during our negotiations. What started as a friendly, harmonious team developing an ethical and sustainable project rapidly became a power trip.

So I hit the brakes.

I’m a very down to earth person. I like to have close relationships with the people I work with, you know, not just a boss-employee kind of relationship. I love to make people happy and having fun with the people I surround myself with is a pre-requisite to being a part of my life. I’m also a very stressed and anxious kind of guy, hence the need for a sane environment, or I would just go crazy. When we started to have all this fuss around the share holders agreement, I decided that it would be better to postpone the development of The BBC Music. If we were already complaining at each other without even a penny spent yet, what would it be like when $100,000 of the budget will be gone? I doubt it would have been any better.

But I couldn’t just stop right there with such a promising business plan in my hands, right? So I kept walking, I kept walking, thinking, developing this project known as The Bastien Bournet-Charrier’s Music. A bit kiddish, ain’t it? That’s what I thought too. So I did a complete re-branding of the project, I worked in partnership with artists, professionals, marketers, designers, programmers… I perfected my idea, I discovered new way to grow what was looking everyday more like a community.

Music Ethic

Music Ethic. Division of World Ethic. ME. WE.

I could picture myself the entire thing, Oh, how wonderful that landscape is my friends. While I won’t discuss too much about World Ethic (since you would probably think that I’m crazy, but that’s okay), you have my word that this is just the beginning of a revolution. A social revolution but also a financial and spiritual revolution. We are at an era of sharing, of caring, of loving and these three values are the core of my projects.

So what’s Music Ethic? A community that aims to help artists and professionals by leveraging on users interactions. For the past two years I have put in place the basement for this community to grow. Now it’s time for you to jump in! The opening of our platform will be on invitation only. Why? First of all because we are a very small group of people developing Music Ethic and we expect the unexpected : Bugs and glitches we can’t see without daily members activity. We will be very proactive to fix these bugs as fast as possible. The second reason is because we want to offer an opportunity for our early supporters. A financial opportunity. This opportunity is detailed in our Ambassador Program and we’re actually working on a set of videos to explain how it’s going to work. One thing I can promise, you WANT to be in this early!

Request an invitation code

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If you have any questions, feel free to use the contact page or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Your truly,
Bastien Bournet-Charrier
Founder – The BBC Music
CEO – Music Ethic



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