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  • The BBC Music Wallpaper

    Free Wallpaper for Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone! It’s exactly 00:00 here in Canada as I write this so this is officially Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends, received beautiful gifts and are ready for the new years eve! I know a couple of people who were alone today, in front of their computer, did not receive gifts or anything… To all of you, wherever you are, I want to let you know that I’m thinking about you and I’m sending you much love, much music and also, this small gift : A free wallpaper! Well… that’s not extraordinary, I know. At first you were supposed to have a cool mix but a couple of things went wrong and I wasn’t able to give it to you in time…

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  • Tim Ismag

    Tim Ismag – X-Men

    Here is the last part of the two song EP Club On Fire by Tim Ismag. X-Men is another of his incredible releases, proving once again his ability to play with sounds and create insane atmosphere. May you stay sane after listening to this track over and over again, may you show the real power of an X-Men?

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