Haven’t you see the scrolling menu?!

You’re not really supposed to come here, but as I’m a cool guy I will make your life easier 😉

The section “About” is intended to give you more information about people involved in this project.
Basically, for now there’s only me, Bastien Bournet-Charrier, that is working intensively to improve The BBC Music.
You can read a small biography about me by clicking here.

The information you’ll read are not about The BBC Music project. It’s only a resume of my life and how I decided to create this whole thing. This is why I created the section “About the project” which is more intended to give you information about why I created The BBC  Music and what are my expectation towards it.

Moreover, the impressive growth of The BBC Music now allow me to think about hiring people to help me in the management of the ever growing demand from both fans and artists. You’ve probably already guessed it, but it leads me to the last section that is “About the team“. For now, those pages are obviously somewhat empty, but expect them to grow rapidly in the coming months.

Yours Truly,