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  • Some Quartus Saul artwork

    Quartus Saul – Tally Ho VIP

    As modern music continues to push the boundaries of composition techniques and technology, yet another composer armed simply with a calculator enters the mix. Quartus Saul, the German-born composer/producer joins Dubstep onslaught with his latest release “Tally Ho VIP”, lending an abstract perspective to an already abstract art form to anyone who will listen. Will you? We did, and we enjoyed it…

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  • Still Frozen Logo

    Still Frozen – Glowing Edges

    Glowing Edges is the latest track produced by the duo Still Frozen. Back with a new house sensation this time, they’ve got to work hard on their productions because even if they’re from the Nordic country of Finland, this song definitely brings some cozy warmth to your ears.

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  • Christmas

    A lot of bass filled gifts for Christmas!

    I noticed a lot of people were giving away free tunes for Christmas, from producers to labels with originals, bootlegs, mixes and mash-up… But no one actually grouped all these gifts together so we could find them easily! So basically this post is about all the gifts I came across, featuring a lot of peeps

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  • The BBC Music Wallpaper

    Free Wallpaper for Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone! It’s exactly 00:00 here in Canada as I write this so this is officially Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family and friends, received beautiful gifts and are ready for the new years eve! I know a couple of people who were alone today, in front of their computer, did not receive gifts or anything… To all of you, wherever you are, I want to let you know that I’m thinking about you and I’m sending you much love, much music and also, this small gift : A free wallpaper! Well… that’s not extraordinary, I know. At first you were supposed to have a cool mix but a couple of things went wrong and I wasn’t able to give it to you in time…

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  • Tim Ismag

    Tim Ismag – X-Men

    Here is the last part of the two song EP Club On Fire by Tim Ismag. X-Men is another of his incredible releases, proving once again his ability to play with sounds and create insane atmosphere. May you stay sane after listening to this track over and over again, may you show the real power of an X-Men?

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  • Deaf Professor

    Deaf Professor – Riviera

    Deaf Professor is a talented artist coming down from Guelph in Canada is a 21 years old electronic producer that started his career not about one year ago. Deaf Professor, scene name of Mike Nelson, always got interested in the recording, engineering, and production of music.

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  • Tim Ismag mixing

    Tim Ismag – Club On Fire

    When Tim Ismag mixed his track “Club on Fire”, you have to assume that he was possessed by whatever deity that Dubstep composers kneel to. And, though I found some of the vocals to be a bit distracting, the break-beats that help us transition from movement to movement epitomize everything that has drawn so many into the electronic fold. Are there times when you feel that you’ve lost that metronome in your head during the track? Absolutely.

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  • FrazEditz – Time Pass

    FrazEditz – Time Pass

    A welcome addition to the chilled genre that bears the perfect atmosphere to relax to. This short beauty lays down a captivating piano riff on a beautiful and simple drum loop, another piece of work that prooves that sometime, even the simplest loops are the most enjoyable. FrazEditz is the alias of Fraser Paterson, a 14 years old artist who resides in London, England. This young guy started to make music less than a year ago! Using the audio sequencer FL Studio, Fraz produces various electronic music styles like Drum and Bass, Chillstep, Dubstep, Electrohouse, Trance, etc.

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  • Paper Tigers – Control

    Paper Tigers – Control

    Paper Tigers, scene name of Sam Harvey, is originally from Belfast, Britain (UK). He’s an ambient, dubstep, 2-step, hip-hop producer who makes what he’s in the mood for.

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