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  • Digitalchord

    Digitalchord – Mask To Kill

    Digitalchord joins the boat with his awesome song Mask To Kill. Vibrating to the vibes of this genre called Electro-house, you can be sure this is the type of song to crank anyone. As always, you can download this song for free!

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  • FancyFhreek – Heretic Sunset

    FancyFhreek – Heretic Sunset

    A native of Montreal, FancyFhreek’s Martin draws inspiration from a group of Dj’s and producers that includes Plastikman, Sven Väth, Deep Dish, Carl Cox, and Misstress Barbara, all of whom possess styles that have found their way into his sets. A personal friend of The BBC Music’s founder, FancyFhreek adds to our library bringing his chilled Electro, House and Minimal vibes.

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  • Still Frozen Logo

    Still Frozen – Glowing Edges

    Glowing Edges is the latest track produced by the duo Still Frozen. Back with a new house sensation this time, they’ve got to work hard on their productions because even if they’re from the Nordic country of Finland, this song definitely brings some cozy warmth to your ears.

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  • Deaf Professor

    Deaf Professor – Riviera

    Deaf Professor is a talented artist coming down from Guelph in Canada is a 21 years old electronic producer that started his career not about one year ago. Deaf Professor, scene name of Mike Nelson, always got interested in the recording, engineering, and production of music.

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  • Olly B – Dying 2 Live (Diverse Remix)

    Olly B – Dying 2 Live (Diverse Remix)

    Olly B is taking electronic dubstep to another level by implementing many of the textures that have drawn so many to the electronica realm without sacrificing the intrinsic style that has made dub so damn popular. Truth be told, I found the intro to be a bit long, but crafty use of onboard filters made the repetitiveness interesting. Once the setup was wrapped and the track began to hit, there was no doubt that the DJ responsible for the composition of the underlying feel knew what it took to create an interesting, yet non-intrusive, rhythm.

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  • Mr. Nagasaki – Come Back To Me

    Mr. Nagasaki – Come Back To Me

    Andrus Kurvits makes Dubstep and House under the alias “Mr. Nagasaki”. This 21 years old artist comes from cold land of Russia. Mr. Nagasaki has been dabbing in the music field for about 4-5 years now. As a part of the Drum and Bass trio “Indivision” you’ll probably sense that Andrus will not bound himself to the sole world of Dubstep and House. You can expect from this guy high quality productions and enticing soundscapes, regardless to genre. Mr. Nagasaki likes to combine different styles of music to make something different, unique, a sonority of Mr. Nagasaki’s own.

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  • Crickets Make Math – Miami

    Crickets Make Math – Miami

    Daniel Stoeltzing is Crickets Make Math. Hailing from New York in the USA, this talented artist has been experiencing with music for about 12 years now. Now 24 years away from his date of birth, you do the math (why is there so much math in this post?!), that guy has passed half of his life to play with sounds! Crickets Make Math is a perfect combination of talent, experience and inner flow, resulting in an unique and rich quality of production.

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  • Zedd – Changes ft. Champions (Original Mix)

    Zedd – Changes ft. Champions (Original Mix)

    [s2If !is_user_logged_in()] You must login to read this post and access download link. [/s2If] [s2If is_user_logged_in()] This song is taken from Skrillex’s EP Free Treats available to download for… free! This is the third and last track of the EP. Couldn’t find much information about Champions so if anyone can I’d be glad if you give me some 😉 As Deaf Professor said, Zedd and Zedd’s Dead are two different artist! Just so you know 😉 Download here! More about […]

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