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  • Resonation – Take Me Away, Away From You (Diverse Remix)

    Resonation – Take Me Away, Away From You (Diverse Remix)

    Diverse is two friends, both from Birmingham, UK. They have been playing together for about a year now but only started to drop some songs on SoundCloud 2 weeks ago. Not only are these tunes incredibly well constructed, with catchy intro and intense melody, but in addition John and Chris are only 17 and 18 years old!

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  • An artwork done for The Capitan Man

    The Capitan Man – Drop It Down [Now out on The BBC Music]

    This gift from The Capitan Man celebrates the release of his album “Drop It Down” available on iTunes for a very reasonable price (find the album here). Featuring eleven amazing tracks including Drop It Down, Awaken The Orchestra and Amber, this album is guaranteed to turn every gig into a crazy night of party.

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  • Crickets Make Math – Miami

    Crickets Make Math – Miami

    Daniel Stoeltzing is Crickets Make Math. Hailing from New York in the USA, this talented artist has been experiencing with music for about 12 years now. Now 24 years away from his date of birth, you do the math (why is there so much math in this post?!), that guy has passed half of his life to play with sounds! Crickets Make Math is a perfect combination of talent, experience and inner flow, resulting in an unique and rich quality of production.

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  • nCamargo – Time

    nCamargo – Time

    Born in 1994, the brazillian Nicolas Camargo was surrounded by many musical influences on his family. He started to discover his interests in eletronic music in 2000, but discovered Drum and Bass in 2009. It was the year that nCamargo discovered his deepest love in the eletronic music genre, after listening to a radio show on the online radio Bassdrive. On the start of 2010, he decided that production was the path he would take, and now on 2011, hes getting support worldwide from the online dnb radios like bassdrive and dnbheaven, from youtube promoters and soundcloud listeners/djs around the world.

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  • Tronix – Newborn

    Tronix – Newborn

    Tronix doesn’t bound itself to some specific genre. With inspiration coming from about anything to everything, they love to mix genre to create some unique style within their songs. They have been diving into Progressive House, House, Electro and Dubstep. Tronix also worked on a couple of Drumstep and Drum and Bass songs which aren’t released yet (but hopefully will be soon!). The way Tronix produces is unique in itself, they don’t follow some specific rule or try to fit, for example, on the most popular BPM used for Dubstep.

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  • Pharos – Filthy Keys

    Pharos – Filthy Keys

    Pharos probably was inspired by the historical wonder that is the Pharos of Alexandria when he thought of his alias. This amazing electronic producer answers to the name of Brian Murphy and come from Seattle, in the United States. The BBC Music is proud to feature here his amazing dubstep song “Filthy Keys” that is most likely to get you hooked real quick! Don’t wait much longer and give it an ear 😉

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  • Dr.Ozi – Wide Eyes

    Dr.Ozi – Wide Eyes

    Dr.Ozi are two guys, Nix Chohan & Christian Boyd, from Ontario, Canada. In the heart of Toronto, Dr.Ozi has entranced their listeners with mesmerizing and speaker shaking beats. Producers Nix Chohan and Christian Boyd met in high school, where they discussed their passions for music. They both produced with more basic programs on underground sites, which combined musical talent to create their sound and gain their fan-base. After getting on their feet in the music business through producing with bands and different genre’s of music, Nix took the time to start producing dubstep and electro music more seriously.

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  • Subgun – Step Of Drum

    Subgun – Step Of Drum

    On top of his 16 years, the music career of this guy is pretty recent. His first releases on Soundcloud are about two months ago and yet, he’s been dropping some really neat tracks. Dipping mostly into dubstep and electro, the quality of his songs keep impressing me. As a promoter, I come across a lot of producers and seldom are young artists capable to lend such an attention to every dimension of their song.

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  • Joncarr – Rogue Status

    Joncarr – Rogue Status

    [s2If !is_user_logged_in()] You must login to read this post and access download link. [/s2If] [s2If is_user_logged_in()] Hey everyone! Today on The BBC Music, I’m proud to feature the song “Rogue Status” by Joncarr. When I first listened to this track at 2 in the morning, the epic intro put me in a really weird trance feeling, like if my whole body was numbed by the ingenious mix between back vocals and violins. The intro is serious, got me hooked within […]

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