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  • Tim Ismag

    Tim Ismag – X-Men

    Here is the last part of the two song EP Club On Fire by Tim Ismag. X-Men is another of his incredible releases, proving once again his ability to play with sounds and create insane atmosphere. May you stay sane after listening to this track over and over again, may you show the real power of an X-Men?

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  • Deaf Professor

    Deaf Professor – Riviera

    Deaf Professor is a talented artist coming down from Guelph in Canada is a 21 years old electronic producer that started his career not about one year ago. Deaf Professor, scene name of Mike Nelson, always got interested in the recording, engineering, and production of music.

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  • Tim Ismag mixing

    Tim Ismag – Club On Fire

    When Tim Ismag mixed his track “Club on Fire”, you have to assume that he was possessed by whatever deity that Dubstep composers kneel to. And, though I found some of the vocals to be a bit distracting, the break-beats that help us transition from movement to movement epitomize everything that has drawn so many into the electronic fold. Are there times when you feel that you’ve lost that metronome in your head during the track? Absolutely.

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  • Paper Tigers – Control

    Paper Tigers – Control

    Paper Tigers, scene name of Sam Harvey, is originally from Belfast, Britain (UK). He’s an ambient, dubstep, 2-step, hip-hop producer who makes what he’s in the mood for.

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  • Breeze Block – Half Way

    Breeze Block – Half Way

    Time for a new song! To continue on a more chilled vibe here we go with a liquid Dubstep track (but I’ll put that one in Chillstep is it’s too smooth to fit in the Dubstep category). Half Way is the only “Dubstep” song Breeze Block have uploaded on the internet. Although it was a different tempo than his usual vibe, it fitted in with his other tunes quite nicely.

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  • Compilation : BBCM001

    Compilation : BBCM001

    First compilation of free music from The BBC Music records label.

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  • An artwork done for The Capitan Man

    The Capitan Man – Drop It Down [Now out on The BBC Music]

    This gift from The Capitan Man celebrates the release of his album “Drop It Down” available on iTunes for a very reasonable price (find the album here). Featuring eleven amazing tracks including Drop It Down, Awaken The Orchestra and Amber, this album is guaranteed to turn every gig into a crazy night of party.

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  • Crickets Make Math – Miami

    Crickets Make Math – Miami

    Daniel Stoeltzing is Crickets Make Math. Hailing from New York in the USA, this talented artist has been experiencing with music for about 12 years now. Now 24 years away from his date of birth, you do the math (why is there so much math in this post?!), that guy has passed half of his life to play with sounds! Crickets Make Math is a perfect combination of talent, experience and inner flow, resulting in an unique and rich quality of production.

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  • Tronix – Newborn

    Tronix – Newborn

    Tronix doesn’t bound itself to some specific genre. With inspiration coming from about anything to everything, they love to mix genre to create some unique style within their songs. They have been diving into Progressive House, House, Electro and Dubstep. Tronix also worked on a couple of Drumstep and Drum and Bass songs which aren’t released yet (but hopefully will be soon!). The way Tronix produces is unique in itself, they don’t follow some specific rule or try to fit, for example, on the most popular BPM used for Dubstep.

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