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  • Christmas

    A lot of bass filled gifts for Christmas!

    I noticed a lot of people were giving away free tunes for Christmas, from producers to labels with originals, bootlegs, mixes and mash-up… But no one actually grouped all these gifts together so we could find them easily! So basically this post is about all the gifts I came across, featuring a lot of peeps

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  • Skrillex – All I Ask Of You (Trypt Remix)

    Skrillex – All I Ask Of You (Trypt Remix)

    “All I Ask Of You” is originally a song from Skrillex. I could say a lot about this artist. He’s maybe the one who really pushed my love for dusbtep to another level. He’s today widely known and keep releasing really nice tracks. Trypt is an awesome dubstep producer from Toronto, Canada. His first release on his SoundCloud is not even 1 year old so he’s pretty new in the industry!

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  • Zedd – Changes ft. Champions (Original Mix)

    Zedd – Changes ft. Champions (Original Mix)

    [s2If !is_user_logged_in()] You must login to read this post and access download link. [/s2If] [s2If is_user_logged_in()] This song is taken from Skrillex’s EP Free Treats available to download for… free! This is the third and last track of the EP. Couldn’t find much information about Champions so if anyone can I’d be glad if you give me some 😉 As Deaf Professor said, Zedd and Zedd’s Dead are two different artist! Just so you know 😉 Download here! More about […]

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