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  • Christmas

    A lot of bass filled gifts for Christmas!

    I noticed a lot of people were giving away free tunes for Christmas, from producers to labels with originals, bootlegs, mixes and mash-up… But no one actually grouped all these gifts together so we could find them easily! So basically this post is about all the gifts I came across, featuring a lot of peeps

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  • EarthMoonEarth – Walking On A Dream

    EarthMoonEarth – Walking On A Dream

    [s2If !is_user_logged_in()] You must login to read this post and access download link. [/s2If] [s2If is_user_logged_in()] Wrapping up the Stolen Songs set is our indie-electro take on the Empire of the Sun hit ‘Walking on a Dream’. Glowing synth textures are present in full force here, and we quite love the way the chorus opens up underneath that great falsetto hook. This track should be a nice addition to the excellent mixes of this track already out, and we try […]

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