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  • Did you know Robokop started beatboxing under the name Yoshi J. at the age of 12?

    Robokop – At War

    Robokop, hailing from the Netherlands, brings a new production level to Dubstep. In fact, with so many producer/composers coming out of the region as of late, it’s a wonder that I’m only getting around to reviewing this track today. That’s my mistake, and one that I will not make again. I’m onto you Robokop, and I like what I’m hearing…

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  • Artwork for Vose

    Vose – The Unsung War

    [s2If !is_user_logged_in()] You must login to read this post and access download link. [/s2If] [s2If is_user_logged_in()]To celebrate the opening of The BBC Music website, we are proud to present our first mix of five exclusive songs. The mix is also joined to Vollture’s EP “How to stop a heart” and Deaf Professor’s album “Hold the title”, both on exclusivity! A lot of premiere today with a brand new layout for the music videos, a brand new website, our first EP […]

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