E-Vibe – Rebyrth

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[/s2If] [s2If is_user_logged_in()]Awesome track from E-Vibe! I’ll let him describe himself :

“Industrialization and a over haul on a truck load of Drums. Music that has sex with your ears well before you know its name on the first date. Enjoy… Started when I was 14. Oct. 1999 and now have survived to bring you a decade of auditory enhancements and unique insight on music. Never went to school for this. I sit at home and make it right off my computer. Fl Studio which is rather ragged on, but is my means of creation and experimentation. I’ve always made music in the mind that every song has a ‘X’ moment as I refer to it. It’s that moment where the song reaches it’s absolute peak in auditory masturbation. Like your ears have themselves a little eargasm. When you listen you might need a towel. But as an example, in my song ‘Rebyrth’ when the drums run wild and the fried bass kicks in and the broken bottles get distorted, simply fantastic… I’ve Been played across the globe yet without leaving my continent.”



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