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  • Digitalchord

    Digitalchord – Mask To Kill

    Digitalchord joins the boat with his awesome song Mask To Kill. Vibrating to the vibes of this genre called Electro-house, you can be sure this is the type of song to crank anyone. As always, you can download this song for free!

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  • The Dutty Professor

    The Dutty Professor – VVValse Sentimentale

    The Dutty Professor is some next level sketched out producer who somehow someway keeps coming up with funky vibes, always exploring within the audio spectrum to discover new way to express his art. Proud innovator of the Chillcore genre, you can dive with him in this new music soundscape with his album “Enter Chillcore”.

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  • FancyFhreek – Heretic Sunset

    FancyFhreek – Heretic Sunset

    A native of Montreal, FancyFhreek’s Martin draws inspiration from a group of Dj’s and producers that includes Plastikman, Sven Väth, Deep Dish, Carl Cox, and Misstress Barbara, all of whom possess styles that have found their way into his sets. A personal friend of The BBC Music’s founder, FancyFhreek adds to our library bringing his chilled Electro, House and Minimal vibes.

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  • An artwork done for The Capitan Man

    The Capitan Man – None Shall Pass (Aesop Rock Remix)

    I know some of you who were waiting for another song from The Capitan Man and here it is! None Shall Pass is an awesome Dubstep remix with Aesop Rock vocals. Perfectly mixed together, The Capitan Man climbs another step to success with this new release. The Capitan Man’s largest inspiration that got his Dubstep career started was no one else but Skrillex. He is an artist out of Canada, Ontario, and got into the Dubstep scene not even a year ago!

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