Rameses B – Game Of Thrones

Rameses B

Rameses B

UK Music Producer – Uplifting/melodic D&B, Dubstep, Electro, Trance, Chillout & More!
Press Contact: [email protected]

Rameses B is an incredibly talented artist who never cease to impress me! We’ve seen him lately on our facebook page improvising a wonderful piano performance and his musical skills speak for themselves in each and every of his production.

With a BTEC in Music technology & a degree in creative music & sound technology Rameses has a vast experience with audio and its applications including sound for the moving image (film, games and TV).

Music currently signed to these labels: Liquicity, Seeking Blue, DNBR, Spun Records, DLA Black, Nu Venture, Ring Mode, Artist Recordings.

Q. What Equipment/Software do you use to make your music?
A. iMac, Cubase 5, Kontakt, KRK Rokit 6 powered studio monitors, Sony MDR-XB700 headphones, Firewire audio interface, Alesis mixer and Rhode NT1-A Microphone, NI Maschine.

Q. What are the main VSTs do you use?
A. Sylenth1, Massive, Kontakt.

Here are the latest songs by Rameses B :

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  1. Adam Wilkins says:

    Great remix of a great song! Excellent job! I frequent your song

  2. KokahZ777 says:

    swag Dubstep remix 2015 Advanced collector edition

  3. raz ziser says:


  4. hunam says:

    That’s space’y.

  5. MagicGame84 says:

    Nice 🙂

  6. Lukas Kaup says:

    Now it sounds a little bit eastern i like

  7. Deldar Sulayman says:

    can you make a version of this that is like 1h or more? guys thumb this up
    if u want it 2

  8. Darkster3369 says:

    epic 😀

  9. PERRO LOKKO says:

    ¡Love This Song!+¡Love The Trance!

  10. Se4mast3r says:

    The best “Game of Thrones” remix up to now, but… tooo chilled… i miss the deep bass drop… i miss the dubstep feeling… nevermind, it sounds great

  11. OfficialDysania says:

    How am I the first comment in almost a year? This is amazing man!

  12. TheDishonoredBee says:

    Apsolute genius!

  13. olrenmad says:

    Dude it’s amazing!

  14. happyhappyfish1 says:

    Wonderful video upload … simply amazing it is !!

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  17. DJRaindropify says:

    Check this tune out its so underrated: /watch?v=Vo23tsEq_Kg&feature=plcp

  18. fluxcapasiter says:

    Beautiful tune 😀

  19. daisyhaze88 says:

    BreakMann – Game Of Thrones Dubstep (with EPIC video)/watch?v=eikgb0PIhBk

  20. counded4564132564 says:

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  21. NovaKaren1 says:

    lovely music! 5*

  22. rtgorange7 says:

    Ey! This is so nice. musicals waves on the scale. Thanks to share it!

  23. butterflyingrid says:

    ˜”*°• Ú°Û£Ú¿ ♥ DREAMLIKE ♥ ڰۣڿ•°*”˜

  24. ElektroNoiser says:

    Good music here!Thx 4 add!Greetings!

  25. oceanecrea says:


  26. IngridHexerl says:

    ★ ⋰ WONDERFUL ⋱★

  27. 100X0 says:

    weLL DOne

  28. carnatu666 says:

    ♥  !

  29. luieio says:

    Que hermosa musica, gracias por la invitaciòn, besos desde Argentina, suscribite en el mio para recibir tus videos,besosSol

  30. DimitriosMusic says:

    Excellent video.. Very nice track.Thanks. Many stars. Greetings 🙂

  31. 1955marioara says:

    Love it!

  32. Belen4644 says:

    great music, congratulations! kisses

  33. Chris Beltran says:

    what do u use to make the volume bar animation?

  34. DavyDude123 says:

    got this tune on my ipod since it came out.. so fcking epically chill <3


    So beautiful and magnificent* Great music! and Great video!

  36. MissPaula1962 says:

    Hey!Great video and music….♫ Paula ♫

  37. Syntality says:


  38. StillFrozenDNB says:

    Oh yess Rameses B<3 great choice for upload!

  39. Syntality says:

    *Game of Thrones

  40. The BBC Music says:

    Thank you for the input 🙂 I will try to!

  41. Dragoonscale says:

    sweet mate!

  42. TBJZLPlays says:

    nice one 😀

  43. Simon Ninon says:

    nice 🙂

  44. TheWastedMusic says:

    Very beautiful 🙂

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