The project

The BBC Music is a dream. Something I always wanted to find… but in vain.

I created this whole thing because I bear music in my soul and I always wanted to make something in this field… something big.

Like I said in my small biography, it all started with the promotion of talented emerging artists. Since I was looking for new music almost constantly, I had the idea to share these beauty with other people. It eventually dragged a lot of people’s attention and the YouTube channel gained quite a lot of popularity. When I figured out that it was the opportunity to push the project somehow farther and create an useful tool for artists, fans, promoters, venues and everyone else involved in the music world, I knew I had to do it.

  • Artists came to ask for promotion.
  • Fans came to share their satisfaction, to suggest amelioration, to cheer artists up.
  • Promoters came to propose partnerships, to widen our auditory.
  • And eventually, venues are starting to look forward to get in touch with us to advertise and to build strong partnerships.

Some people come and ask me if everything will always remain free on The BBC Music. This is a complex question and there is no simple answer. I want The BBC Music to be your number one source for free music medias. Nevertheless, in my concern to help emerging artists I have to think about systems and mechanisms to build a strong financial independence for them. These mechanisms will most likely be unique and innovative. Most services available for artists are built in an artist-oriented sight, which is great. But I don’t think that’s enough. We need a revolution in the music world. Piracy keeps “killing” the music industry for one reason : People who listen to music are not satisfied with the major company and what they have to offer!

This is one of the most important fact that I keep in mind everyday when I develop or think of a new feature or service.

Your opinion matters a lot to us and we sincerely are looking forward to hear from you. If you have any suggestion, things you like and want us to develop even more, things you don’t like and want us to improve, things you’ve see on another website and think could be great to implant in The BBC Music, whatever ideas that cross your mind when you think about The BBC Music, contact us here!

This page will be updated as soon as more services and features are made public. I could talk of a lot of things, where I want the project to go, how big and at which scale I expect it to grow, in which sphere of the music world I want the project to be involved, etc. Nevertheless, I don’t want to spoil my punches by telling you everything right now.

Stay tuned to see how big this project is  going to be 😉

Yours Truly,