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  • Rameses B

    Rameses B – Game Of Thrones

    UK Music Producer – Uplifting/melodic D&B, Dubstep, Electro, Trance, Chillout & More!
    Rameses B is an incredibly talented artist who never cease to impress me! We’ve seen him lately on our facebook page improvising a wonderful piano performance and his musical skills speak for themselves in each and every of his production.

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  • An artwork done for The Capitan Man

    The Capitan Man – None Shall Pass (Aesop Rock Remix)

    I know some of you who were waiting for another song from The Capitan Man and here it is! None Shall Pass is an awesome Dubstep remix with Aesop Rock vocals. Perfectly mixed together, The Capitan Man climbs another step to success with this new release. The Capitan Man’s largest inspiration that got his Dubstep career started was no one else but Skrillex. He is an artist out of Canada, Ontario, and got into the Dubstep scene not even a year ago!

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  • Did you know Robokop started beatboxing under the name Yoshi J. at the age of 12?

    Robokop – At War

    Robokop, hailing from the Netherlands, brings a new production level to Dubstep. In fact, with so many producer/composers coming out of the region as of late, it’s a wonder that I’m only getting around to reviewing this track today. That’s my mistake, and one that I will not make again. I’m onto you Robokop, and I like what I’m hearing…

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  • Some Quartus Saul artwork

    Quartus Saul – Tally Ho VIP

    As modern music continues to push the boundaries of composition techniques and technology, yet another composer armed simply with a calculator enters the mix. Quartus Saul, the German-born composer/producer joins Dubstep onslaught with his latest release “Tally Ho VIP”, lending an abstract perspective to an already abstract art form to anyone who will listen. Will you? We did, and we enjoyed it…

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  • Tim Ismag

    Tim Ismag – X-Men

    Here is the last part of the two song EP Club On Fire by Tim Ismag. X-Men is another of his incredible releases, proving once again his ability to play with sounds and create insane atmosphere. May you stay sane after listening to this track over and over again, may you show the real power of an X-Men?

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  • Tim Ismag mixing

    Tim Ismag – Club On Fire

    When Tim Ismag mixed his track “Club on Fire”, you have to assume that he was possessed by whatever deity that Dubstep composers kneel to. And, though I found some of the vocals to be a bit distracting, the break-beats that help us transition from movement to movement epitomize everything that has drawn so many into the electronic fold. Are there times when you feel that you’ve lost that metronome in your head during the track? Absolutely.

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  • Olly B – Dying 2 Live (Diverse Remix)

    Olly B – Dying 2 Live (Diverse Remix)

    Olly B is taking electronic dubstep to another level by implementing many of the textures that have drawn so many to the electronica realm without sacrificing the intrinsic style that has made dub so damn popular. Truth be told, I found the intro to be a bit long, but crafty use of onboard filters made the repetitiveness interesting. Once the setup was wrapped and the track began to hit, there was no doubt that the DJ responsible for the composition of the underlying feel knew what it took to create an interesting, yet non-intrusive, rhythm.

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  • Breeze Block – Half Way

    Breeze Block – Half Way

    Time for a new song! To continue on a more chilled vibe here we go with a liquid Dubstep track (but I’ll put that one in Chillstep is it’s too smooth to fit in the Dubstep category). Half Way is the only “Dubstep” song Breeze Block have uploaded on the internet. Although it was a different tempo than his usual vibe, it fitted in with his other tunes quite nicely.

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  • Resonation – Take Me Away, Away From You (Diverse Remix)

    Resonation – Take Me Away, Away From You (Diverse Remix)

    Diverse is two friends, both from Birmingham, UK. They have been playing together for about a year now but only started to drop some songs on SoundCloud 2 weeks ago. Not only are these tunes incredibly well constructed, with catchy intro and intense melody, but in addition John and Chris are only 17 and 18 years old!

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