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  • James Lippy – Before The Storm

    James Lippy – Before The Storm

    James is actually working on collaborations and remixes of his own tracks with some really talented people and the results should be coming out soon. Hailing from West Midlands, England, this producer only have 16 years old and has been producing for about 8 months now. To lay down his inspirations on a digital media, James Lippy use FL Studio combined with the great Massive VST

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  • nCamargo – Time

    nCamargo – Time

    Born in 1994, the brazillian Nicolas Camargo was surrounded by many musical influences on his family. He started to discover his interests in eletronic music in 2000, but discovered Drum and Bass in 2009. It was the year that nCamargo discovered his deepest love in the eletronic music genre, after listening to a radio show on the online radio Bassdrive. On the start of 2010, he decided that production was the path he would take, and now on 2011, hes getting support worldwide from the online dnb radios like bassdrive and dnbheaven, from youtube promoters and soundcloud listeners/djs around the world.

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  • The cinematic orchestra – Arrival of the birds (HYQXYZ remix)

    The cinematic orchestra – Arrival of the birds (HYQXYZ remix)

    [s2If !is_user_logged_in()] You must login to read this post and access download link. [/s2If] [s2If is_user_logged_in()] An awesome Drum n’ Bass remix from HYQXYZ. The orchestral touch gives a chill mood to the song while the drum stimulate your senses and take your imagination to another world. HYQXYZ, scene name of Jago Gyselinck, is a Dubstep/DnB producer originally from Antwerpen, Belgium. Didn’t heard much about this artist before but it looks like he’s going more popular and I’ll definitely stalk […]

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  • Joncarr – Rogue Status

    Joncarr – Rogue Status

    [s2If !is_user_logged_in()] You must login to read this post and access download link. [/s2If] [s2If is_user_logged_in()] Hey everyone! Today on The BBC Music, I’m proud to feature the song “Rogue Status” by Joncarr. When I first listened to this track at 2 in the morning, the epic intro put me in a really weird trance feeling, like if my whole body was numbed by the ingenious mix between back vocals and violins. The intro is serious, got me hooked within […]

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  • Still Frozen Logo

    Still Frozen – Bird Of Passage

    Still Frozen is a group composed by two guys hailing from Finland, Petri Hautala and Tuomas Jokela. Both of them were interested in heavy music in elementary school, inspired by bands like “Children Of Bodom” and “In Flames”. We can still feel the influences of such groups in their music nowadays, mixing their electronic-dnb production with that metal rock flavor. Over the years, their music interests obviously changed more to electronic dnb music and the last rivet to the world of drum and bass was nothing less but Pendulum’s radio hit “Watercolour”. Petri and Tuomas have been doing music together for about half a year now as the duo Still Frozen and already proved their skills on the field. They also had separate side projects but definitely had more success working together.

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  • Dj Aja Inc – Fear Of Flying

    Dj Aja Inc – Fear Of Flying

    [s2If !is_user_logged_in()] You must login to read this post and access download link. [/s2If] [s2If is_user_logged_in()] DJ AJA Inc. (Alan Angus) was one half of dance duo ‘E-Motion’ who had chart hits in the late ’90s with ‘In the Naughty North & the Sexy South’ and ‘I Stand Alone’. He is currently living and recording on Dartmoor in Devon.                 Download Liked that song? Follow him! MeMusic LastFM [/s2If]      

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  • Ben Kama – Someone

    Ben Kama – Someone

    Ben Kama is the artist moniker of Eppu Syyrakki, a drum’n’bass producer hailing from Finland. He really has never adopted a specific sub-genre of dnb to call his own, but rather concentrated more on making good tracks instead of limiting his creativity – the results vary from dub-infused jungle to liquid funk.

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  • Anigman – Sidney Poitier

    Anigman – Sidney Poitier

    [s2If !is_user_logged_in()] You must login to read this post and access download link. [/s2If] [s2If is_user_logged_in()] Anigman describe himself as a technology abuser and experimental percussionist who will try to break any instrument just to see what it would sound like. Anigman was never intended to be as he turned out. Once again, here is some word the author of that song wrote : “He was created in a botched military experiment. The process was intended to create super-soldiers molecularly […]

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  • E-Vibe – Rebyrth

    E-Vibe – Rebyrth

    “Industrialization and a over haul on a truck load of Drums. Music that has sex with your ears well before you know its name on the first date. Enjoy… Started when I was 14. Oct. 1999 and now have survived to bring you a decade of auditory enhancements and unique insight on music. Never went to school for this. I sit at home and make it right off my computer. Fl Studio which is rather ragged on, but is my means of creation and experimentation. I’ve always made music in the mind that every song has a ‘X’ moment as I refer to it. It’s that moment where the song reaches it’s absolute peak in auditory masturbation. Like your ears have themselves a little eargasm.

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