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  • The end of The BBC Music

    The end of The BBC Music

    The BBC Music started in June 2011 when I decided to quit university. The idea behind was a dream I ferociously believed in, which is that free music is possible. I still believe in free music to this day and probably will for the rest of my life…

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  • Mr. Nagasaki – Come Back To Me

    Mr. Nagasaki – Come Back To Me

    Andrus Kurvits makes Dubstep and House under the alias “Mr. Nagasaki”. This 21 years old artist comes from cold land of Russia. Mr. Nagasaki has been dabbing in the music field for about 4-5 years now. As a part of the Drum and Bass trio “Indivision” you’ll probably sense that Andrus will not bound himself to the sole world of Dubstep and House. You can expect from this guy high quality productions and enticing soundscapes, regardless to genre. Mr. Nagasaki likes to combine different styles of music to make something different, unique, a sonority of Mr. Nagasaki’s own.

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  • Creation of The BBC Music

    Creation of The BBC Music

    Welcome to The BBC Music blog. Coming soon : Autobiography : Who is Bastien Bournet-Charrier? New layout New logo Advanced video search feature (by artist name, song name, date released, genre, etc.) Video thumbnail Member zone Forum A LOT more…

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