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  • An artwork done for The Capitan Man

    The Capitan Man – None Shall Pass (Aesop Rock Remix)

    I know some of you who were waiting for another song from The Capitan Man and here it is! None Shall Pass is an awesome Dubstep remix with Aesop Rock vocals. Perfectly mixed together, The Capitan Man climbs another step to success with this new release. The Capitan Man’s largest inspiration that got his Dubstep career started was no one else but Skrillex. He is an artist out of Canada, Ontario, and got into the Dubstep scene not even a year ago!

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  • LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem (Wonkap & Torrid Remix)

    LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem (Wonkap & Torrid Remix)

    A popular song remixed by Wonkap & Torrid. I guess I don’t need to say much about LMFAO… You know them, right?
    Wonkap & Torrid are two guys from Belgium, who, as what I can hear, are full of talent! I love talent, I love dubstep, I loved that song. What do you think about it?! This song definitely deserves your attention!

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